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About L’Uomo

About L’Uomo

Bruce #9L’Uomo is a series of human male mesh avatars, differing in degree of muscularity. They range from an athletic or swimmer build, through to extremely muscular.

L’Uomo began as a joint venture between Animations Rising (the mesh avatars) and Prodigal (skins).

It is a suite of products that work together:

  • a standard SL skin;
  • a standard SL shape;
  • a mesh avatar;
  • an HUD to apply a skin texture to the mesh avatar.

Used together, these items will enhance your normal appearance in SL, giving you more muscularity and definition than is possible with a standard SL shape.

The mesh avatar is supplied with a corresponding standard SL shape. A skin is not included skin with the avatar. Instead, a variety of skin HUDs (appliers) are sold separately by third party designers, thus allowing customers to select their preferred look. Similarly, clothing for L’Uomo avatars is also available from third party designers.

And this is one of the strengths of L’Uomo: the fact that skins and clothing come from other creators. It means that a far greater range of looks is available, than could ever be made by a single person.

L’Uomo mesh avatar are available in-world at the L’Uomo store, or on the SL marketplace.

Skins and clothing are available from a variety of designers. Many have representative samples in buildings near the L’Uomo store. There is also a Designer Directory board instead the L’Uomo store. Alternately, you can search on the SL Marketplace, and SLURLs are listed here.

Customer documentation is available, for standard L’Uomo avatars, SE avatars and Flex avatars.