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Announcing L’Uomo Fitted

Posted on: 4 August, 2014 by Miro Collas |
Announcing L’Uomo Fitted

Announcing L’Uomo Fitted

Yes, L’Uomo now also exists as fitted mesh. All avatars have been converted.

Fitted mesh allows rigged mesh to respond to most body sliders, thus giving far more control to your look. Several customers asked me to update L’Uomo to Fitted, so I went ahead and did it, converting all L’Uomo avatars from Classic to Fitted. All well and good. BUT …..

1. If you hide parts of the avatar to show the SL shape underneath (eg, to show your own head), you will probably get gaps between the SL shape and the mesh.
This is because (without getting technical) Fitted mesh responds to the body shape in a different way from Classic. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable. You may be able to minimize this by editing your shape. Or you can try hiding any gaps with attachments of some kind.

2. If you purchase L’Uomo clothing that is supplied as mesh layers (or shells), those will not fit on a Fitted mesh avatar.
This is really the same problem as above: Fitted mesh responds differently to the shape than Classic. The mesh layers supplied by some designers are all Classic. (Other designers instead provide appliers, and those work fine with the corresponding Fitted mesh clothing parts you get from clothing rezzers.) So to wear such clothing, you will have to use a Classic version of the mesh avatar.

3. Clothing seems to fit less well, the more you deviate from the shape supplied with the avatar.
This may be a result of the fact that the avatars are converted from Classic to Fitted. The more your shape differs from the one supplied, the more likely that the avatar will poke through clothing layers.

So…. given the above, each L’Uomo avatar contains both Classic and Fitted versions of the avatar. That way you can try both, and use whichever you prefer.

NOTE: This is a FREE upgrade for those who have already purchased a L’Uomo avatar. To get the upgrade, visit any of the redelivery terminals here, and have the product(s) redelivered to you.
You can only redeliver items you purchased for yourself. If you purchased avatars as gifts, the recipient(s) will need to visit a redelivery terminal in person.

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